Megan graduated with a distinction at Central St Martins, before going on to study Architecture at the University of Newcastle and the University of Westminster. Here she developed her strong Architectural understanding, before embarking on a multidisciplinary approach which would develop her creativity and style. Drawing on a wide range of talents and a diverse background to set her apart. 

Megan has worked on high profile projects, and for renowned designers/studio's, whose projects have featured in international publications and media, working for a period in-house at Paul Smith designing bespoke stores worldwide.

Featured online is a small selection of projects, see below project list.

To discuss project requirements, see a wider selection of projects, or to just say hello, feel free to get in touch.






• Seasalt Pop-up stores Concept 

• The Boat House, Amsterdam


• *Top high-street telecoms brand* Pop-up Concept

• Lords of Poké Cafe, London UK 

• Paul Smith store, Berlin Germany 


• Paul Smith Store, Manchester UK 

• Paul Smith space, Printemps, Paris France 

• Paul Smith space, Selfridges London UK 

• Paul Smith Store, Coex Korea 

• Paul Smith store, Centum Korea 


• PS space, Printemps, Paris France 

• Paul Smith Store, Dongdaegu Korea 

• PS Store, Rue de Marseille, Paris France 

• Paul Smith space, Liberty London UK 

• Paul Smith Store, Birmingham UK 

• Paul Smith Bike pop-up, Istean Japan 

• PS pop-up, Glasgow UK 

• Hamilton and Hare Store, Chiltern Street, London UK 

• Walls ‘Happiness’ store roll-out concept (Concept) 

• T2, Tea Bar concept (Concept) 


• Hamilton and Hare Pop-up Store, Royal Exchange, London UK 

• T2 Store, Fulton Street NYC (Concept) 

• Dreamland, Margate 

• Workshop Coffee Roastery, Vyner street, London UK 

• Workshop Coffee Bar, Barratt street, London UK 

• Fred Perry Stores, Various (Concept)

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